Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy All the Time, by Laurie Colwin

Happy All the Time is the story of best friends and cousins Guido and Vincent, who meet and fall in love with two different but equally challenging women, Holly and Misty. Are they happy all the time? No, they sometimes make themselves and each other miserable, as people in love will do, but underlying these moments is, indeed, a deep content. That's pretty much the book.

I saw this book recommended for summer reading in a magazine--and it's an upbeat novel with interesting characters (New Yorkers all)--good beach reading. When I Googled the book, I came across several glowing reviews and paeans to the late author, who died quite young (48). I don't quite get the devotion to the book, but it is pleasant and occasionally amusing.

Favorite passage:
He realized that he had gotten used to Jane, in the way you get used to constant shooting pains.

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