Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two More Mystery Deadends

The quest to find a good mystery continues . . . Compound Fractures, the final title in Stephen White's Alan Gregory series, is awful. I tried (not very hard) to think of a more polite description, but it's not possible. It is truly terrible. Don't read it!

With the publication of W Is for Wasted, Sue Grafton is obviously nearing the end of her Kinsey Millhone series--and I feel like she's getting ready for that. Two of Kinsey's ex-boyfriends make brief appearances, suggesting there may be a showdown for her affections in X, Y, or Z. In addition, Kinsey for the first time encounters members of her father's family (orphaned at five, she met her mother's family several titles ago). It all feels like the beginning of a long wrap-up. The mystery itself isn't a bad one, but it isn't a great one either. One problem is that it hinges on a rather huge coincidence; another is that it develops very slowly (both of these books are longer than they need to be). Still, better than quite a few mysteries I've read lately.

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