Sunday, March 24, 2013

Autobiography of Us, by Arua Beth Sloss

The friends we make in middle school, high school, and college are important to women--they get us through difficult times and, when we become adults and lose contact with many of them, they continue to play a large role in our imaginations, the friends who knew us better than anyone has since (or so we think). So it's not surprising there are a lot of books about adolescent friendships and what happens to the friends once they are past adolescence. Because there are so many such books, if you're going to add to their number, you'd better be sure you have something fresh to say. Unfortunately, I didn't find that to be true of Autobiography of Us, the story of friends Rebecca and Alex. Growing up in the part of the 1960s that were really still a continuation of the 1950s, the two girls swear they will be different. And yet, when roadblocks appear, they end up opting for lives as circumscribed as their mothers'.  Even the supposed twists in the story are dull.

Not recommended.  

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