Saturday, September 15, 2012

Auto-correction Blooper

I am in the early stages of one of my patented mystery binges. In one of them, Stephen White's Line of Fire, I saw an auto-correction that made me laugh out loud. White referenced an eastern Colorado town named Limon, to which auto-correction (or a very, very bad copy-editor) had added an accent mark on the "o."  Thus, the plains town named for a railroad man had been converted to a Spanish town named for the lemon. Don't humans proofread books anymore?

BTW, White's series continues to get more bizarre and Alan Gregory's professional and personal ethics more questionable with every title. Luckily, he plans only one more title in the series. The other book I've read so far in this binge is Kathy Reichs' Bones Are Forever, in which she educates the reader on gold and diamond mining in Canada. Not great, but not terrible.

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