Monday, August 6, 2012

In Session: Dr. Morgan Snow with . . . by M. J. Rose

In Session is a mini-short story collection that was offered free to Audible subscribers. It features three stories, in which author M.J. Rose imagines how her character, sex therapist Morgan Snow, might interact with three tough-guy heroes created by other authors:  Steve Berry's Cotton Malone, Lee Child's Jack Trainer, and Barry Eisler's John Rain. She got approval from the three authors, who also okayed the stories; Eisler even participated in writing his character's dialogue. In addition, the readers who narrate the other three authors' works in audible form voice their characters in this audiobook.

It's a clever idea, and in an interview at the end of the book, Rose talks about how digital media made such a collection possible--an unusual positive look at the effects of new media on publishing. Since I have not read other books about any of the four characters featured, I probably didn't have a full appreciation of Rose's work in limning the characters and creating situations in which the three male characters would talk about sex with a stranger. Still, I found the stories enjoyable and the characters distinctly drawn. I especially appreciated that Dr. Snow learned from the three macho guys while helping them explore their own psyches.

Favorite passage:
My whole life is a wrong decision. One more one way or the other is a statistical rounding error.

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