Saturday, April 14, 2012

Now You See Her, by Joy Fielding

Joy Fielding has written some interesting psychological thrillers--ones with premises that actually make you think. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Marcy Taggart is a fiftyish Canadian, on a trip to Ireland that had been planned as a second honeymoon until her husband left her. In a pub in Cork, she sees a girl who looks like her daughter Devon, a presumed suicide whose body was never found. Marcy spends the next few days sleuthing through Cork, trying to find the girl. The events become less and less believable and, at the same time, utterly predictable.

I listened to this book from Audible. The reader is Justine Eyre, and I found her voice generally unpleasant; when she whined as the voice of Marcy, it became almost unbearable. I'm not sure why I even finished the book. The only thing I liked about Now You See Her was when Marcy heard the voice of her former husband, an orthodonist, commenting on the teeth of the people she met. For some reason, this amused me--but not enough to redeem the book.

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