Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gun Games, by Faye Kellerman

This latest entry in Faye Kellerman's Rina Lazarus/Peter Decker long-running mystery series takes a turn for the weird. A major focus is a romance between Rina and Peter's 15-year-old foster son Gabe and a 13-year-old Jewish Persian girl. Not only does Kellerman spend many pages on this relationship, including reproducing long text exchanges between the two, she also details the sexual side of their romance (and I do mean details). For a series centered on two deeply religious people, which has never had a strong sexual theme, this seemed bizarre and, given the age of the couple, somewhat creepy.

The mystery that Peter and his colleagues investigate involves two suicides at an expensive private school and is not compelling. And, for the second time recently, Kellerman makes an error related to the law/Constitution. This time, she refers to the First Amendment protecting students from having their lockers searched at school--please! Somebody needs to catch this stuff.

Not recommended.


  1. She also made glaring errors about firearms. First she said the gun was a .380 which would be a semiautomatic pistol. Later she said that the shotgun wound sprayed blood, etc. and still later she said that he was videotaped putting a .22 revolver to his head and shooting himself.

    There were many other errors of different natures throughout the book which detracted greatly from it's enjoyment.

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